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Huntington's Disease Caregiving

Beautiful Memories
What Is A Caregiver?
What Is An HD Caregiver?
Caregiving For A Spouse
Caregivers Bill of Rights
Helping Your Loved One
Your pHD Is Unique!
About Huntington's Disease
HD Articles of Interest
HD Guidebooks
Post Emergency Info
Early/ Early Intermediate Stages
Late Intermediate Stage
Swallowing Diagnostic
Speech & Language in HD
Swallowing Safety in HD
Early Advanced Stage
Swallowing Difficulties~Physician's Guide
Warning Signs of Swallowing Problems
Swallowing, Coughing, Choking & Pneumonia
Swallowing~Giving Medication
A Practical Guide: Nutrition and HD & Resources
Diet & Nutrition in HD
Nutrition and Huntington's Disease
Nutrition Information for the Care Giver
Texture & Consistency/Thining & Thickening Foods
Drinks/Shakes Recipes
Adaptive Equipment-Mealtime Help
Food Thickners
What Is A Feeding Tube?
When To Consider A Feeding Tube
Feeding Tube Decision in HD
Feeding Tube Resources
Advanced Stage
Late Stage Care
Commom Problems Encountered~Hospice Care
Temporary List of Resources
Personality Issues
Legal Issues
Disability Issues
At Home Care
Outside Care
Caregiver Tips
Caregiver Support
HD Facts
Helpful Forms-Download
Personal Articles/Stories
Miller Messages
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Beautiful Memories
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The Real  Faces of Huntington's Disease
Please feel free to upload a picture of your loved one with HD. You may uploaded the picture(s) on your own by clicking on the below and following the instructions:
Beautiful Memories Photo Album
Hopefully this title isn't "taken" by anyone.  You can add a photo title, or name, city etc..  Although this site allows you to upload 10 pictures I am requesting only two pictures of each person be uploaded to allow room for everyone to include their loved one with Huntington's Disease.
The most common problems with uploading images are oversized images or improper file types.
Files can not be more than 1 Megabyte in size, and must
be in GIF or JPEG format.
Now I'm having a problem but I hope no one else does ;-)